About Us

Yalcin Aku ,was founded in Ankara in 1984 as a family business and is being managed by the third generation of family members for the time being, specializes in manufacturing,sales and after sales services of the lead acid batteries.

 Our journey started with producing starter batteries and  industrial batteries were added to our portfolio through advances in technology and changes arising in customer demands.

 We are monitoring and adapting the latest production technologies along with sustaining Research & Development activities to receive better daily outputs in all aspects of production processes.

 Yalcin holds TSE ( Turkish Standards Institution ) , ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and CE ( Certification of Europe ) .

 Yalcin pays a great importance to the self improvement of each team member and encourages them to do their best in the work environment.

 Yalcin , Gold, Pluspower, Powerful, Safir, Genaral and Euro Gold are our brands representing us in the national and international markets.

 Our Mission, To produce the best quality eco-friendly energy storage products through adopting 'Friendly Power' principle.

 Our Vision, To become among the most 3 preferred Turkish producers and increase our global presence by % 40 by 2024.